The broad contents of our Financial model course are:

Introduction to financial statements

  • What are financial statements?
    How three statements are interlinked?
    Analysis of financial statements using ratio analysis
    Case study – Prepare all three financial statements and analyse using ratios
Overview of financial modelling

  • Difference between financial model and spreadsheets
    Structure of financial model

    Flow of the model

    Deciding which schedule to be prepared first

    Hardcoding/ linked values

    Importance of timelines

    What is a good financial model/ Mistakes to be avoided while preparing a model
Building models

  • Revenue computation
    Developing P&L, BS, CFS
    Fixed asset schedule and depreciation
    Computation of CAPEX
    Debt schedule and repayments
    Equity schedule
    Working capital estimation
Finalising models

  • Creation of output sheets
    Switches and choose function
    Creating dashboards that present the key assumptions and outputs of the model in a meaningful and decision-oriented manner
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